Secret Flesh

There’s an article on the Fangoria horror magazine’s site about a comic my homeboy Ramiro Roman Jr. is working on. It’s a project by writer/director Robert Parigi, which he describes as such…

It’s about a decadent high-school girl who finds a bizarre artifact in the exacavation for her new swimming pool. She uses the relic to enhance her sex-and-drug parties, triggering a plague of supernatural mutations.

This is the first info I’ve seen on it and I’m looking forward to feeling uncomfortable again. You can check out some of Ramiro’s solo comics at his site.

Earlier I found this amazing 3d interactive site in a thread on Flashkit. Completely breathtaking. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to make a post about this one!

The Eco Zoo website
The Eco Zoo

This is the best executed 3d Flash site I’ve seen so far. Just check it out. Apparently this isn’t created with any open source 3d engine out there, it’s a custom engine by this guy.

3D on the web is sort of a gimmick right now, as Flash itself was seen as a gimmick in the past (i.e. your site wasn’t cool unless it had a Flash intro). All it really takes is some progressive individuals to define what’s possible with the advances of the medium — beyond spinning cubes and globes. Right now I see opportunities to tell stories in new and exciting ways. I’m hoping to take design elements from motion graphics and create interactive visual masterpieces. Couldn’t you imagine as a fully interactive playground? Kids would love that stuff. How come we aren’t seeing that yet??

The first short by my good friend Allegra, another student of CSULB film. I worked camera for this one. It was limited to 3 cuts max.

May it be the first of many.
-Christopher J. Rock

Two new films up. The Submariner and The Noise.

This is a trailer for my thesis film at CSULB. Its my latest work and will be completed over this next summer. You can watch it in full screen and at a higher resolution at YouTube.

I’m taking a lot inspiration from Soviet propaganda filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein.

Shooting started at the end of last semester when we did all of the live action footage, then miniatures and effect shots were done in April. Now I have many hours to spend editing and scoring the whole thing. It’ll add up to a great lot of sweat, but definitely worth it. Continue Reading…

Suggested Reading

Books are the most rich source of information and inspiration that game players don’t use. If you’re looking for some new resources, you may be interested in a short list that I’ve compiled. Each one is worth its own review and maybe someday I’ll do just that.

These books are guaranteed to give players a greater appreciation of their games and help developers make better ones. Continue Reading…

I just heard about Eve Online’s Player government setup and man am I jealous.

Eve Online Screenshot 01

This is a voting booth.

It’s great that they’re exploring the area of player government, but it sounds like they’re being somewhat timid about it. The players don’t seem to have a tremendous amount of power and the governmental system within which elections are occurring was constructed and is enforced by the developers rather than emerging organically from the players themselves. It’s not a bold step, but a step nonetheless.

This has prompted me to publicize some of my own experiences in regards to player governments. Anyone I’ve seriously spoken to about games has heard all about these because I’ve found them to be unique and tremendously valuable.

Continue Reading…

My homey Ramiro Roman Jr. just released the second issue of his comic Skincube. Kinda creepy and kinda disturbing, but I find it very interesting with some excellent artwork.

Skincube - Two

Two twin brothers discover a skincube. Afterwards, one of them falls ill.

Check it out at If you like the work, be sure to purchase a copy. Support the grassroots, eh?