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Indiecade '09 - blog.sokay.net

So Chris surprised the hell out of me yesterday when he mentioned that there was an independent games festival going on right down the street from me in Culver City — Indiecade ’09. His friend told him about it and he told me. I was feeling kind of down that I wasn’t out raving in the streets of San Francisco this weekend, but I suppose things happen for a reason. I missed Saturday but I checked it out today.

Moon Stories
I Wish I Were the Moon by Daniel Benmergui

I didn’t get the opportunity to see everything but the favorite thing that I played was Moon Stories by Daniel Benmergui of Argentina. This is a series a 3 games, which are more like interactive stories. I could spend a paragraph trying to explain it or you can just play the damn thing. I liked that I could just jump in an play around and that the game didn’t expect anything from me. I had fun messing around just to see what would happen. This is really how game stories need to be told more often.


I also got a chance to see Nanobots from Erin Robinson, which is a LucasArts style adventure game with pixelly visuals. I had no patience to sit down and play such a game but I’m glad Chris was interested, so I watched him play through it (with Erin over the shoulder giving hints). It’s a cleverly designed game with a good sense of humor. You can download it on her site Lively Ivy.


I thought this game ClassicNight looked amazing. Apparently the soundtrack made it even more awesome. I didn’t see enough of the game to understand what it was completely about aside from collecting light, but the visuals are fantastic. From design to effects, I really dug the style.

Another game that I didn’t play but was very interesting to me is one that I have absolutely no idea what it’s called. Haha. I think it actually won the big award too! I’m not finding it in the Indiecade program book but it’s one that had 4 monitors, side to side like a box. I didn’t pay much attention to what it was about but I seeing a buncha kids run around from display to display made me smile. They were having a blast, and really that’s what it’s all about.

Inspiring show, to say the least. Me and Chris actually went to a nearby coffee shop and put some time into our projects. Imagine that! After that we went to the after-Indicade drinking event and I briefly chatted with Greg of Intuition Games. Good stuff. And by deduction I realized I met Tyler Glaiel, who’s all over the Flash biz these days. Inspiring to see him putting out so many games!

Time to make some more games!

About the author:
Bryson Whiteman (http://www.sonofbryce.com)
Bryson is the guy behind all of the Sokay creations. Heading artwork and development, he's determined to make sure each game has a "distinctively Sokay" quality to them. He's always looking forward for a chance to experiment with new technologies to explore exciting ways to achieve fun.