I ported DONUT GET! to OUYA with the hope of it being a OUYA launch title. I anticipated that it would at least help bring a bit more attention to DONUT GET!, especially since it didn’t get as much coverage as expected. Fortunately DONUT GET! was listed as one of the 104 OUYA launch titles, and mentioned on sites like Destructoid.

We’ve made our download stats available for DONUT GET! on OUYA. It’s a totally free game — there’s no in-app purchases.

Our DONUT GET! OUYA Download stats are available here: http://www.donutget.com/ouya-stats/


A large problem within the OUYA community is that the company is slowly trickling out the ~60,000 Kickstarter units. For developers it’s a bit unsettling with the low download numbers, and the myriad of other software problems we’re dealing with.

Here’s the vaguish chart the OUYA Team released to appease the backers.

Guessing from the chart, about 20% of the 60,000 backers received units by now. Which amounts to about 12,000 units. With DONUT GET!’s 420 downloads, this amounts to about 3.5% of the total userbase. Is that good? It’s hard to say, but if that rate is extrapolated for all 60,000 users that’d be about 2,100 downloads which isn’t too bad to me. I believe it took us longer to get 2,000 downloads on the Google Play.

What’s Next?

I wanted to port a “lean” version of DONUT GET! to test waters for the marketplace. What was required for development? What was the approval process like? Will anybody even download it?

For this reason, the port was minimal. Essentially the mobile version with mobile specific stuff ripped out (ads, GREE integration, etc.). I made some ‘quick & dirty’ tweaks to UI to make it navigable with an OUYA controller.

The port took about 2 1/2 days. I used the Unity exporter included in their SDK. I don’t actually have an OUYA to test ¬†on, but used an Android computer that worked similarly. I wasn’t able to get the OUYA SDK fully working on it though.

I figured if there was enough interest I can go back to the game and add new stages and some form of in-app purchase to see if it generates any revenue. We intend to release our upcoming game, The Crazy Program on OUYA for like a 1.1 release once we get it working with a controller. It’s primarily designed for touch screens.

More OUYA Stats

Other developers have been sharing their stats in forum threads.

Download DONUT GET! on OUYA

OUYA doesn’t yet have a way to link directly to your app listing, but another site is scraping their data and building a catalog of their own.

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