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We’ll be debuting the game this week during Sokay Play 8! Our gallery show during the Downtown LA Art Walk…

This week during the Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk. Check some photos from previous events on our Flickr.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area, check it out. More info at our blog. We’ve been doing it every month so there’s always next month!

So E3 was this week so I went out and hung out the homies. Playing some games, drinking, etc etc.

A lot of stupid times, but I had a blast!

Tried to get the word out on Donut Get! a bit, one step at a time! I had a blast though, nothing super exciting as far as games go from the show. But I had a blast with Wii U’s Nintendoland: Luigi’s Ghost Mansion (long name!). Fun use of multiplayer gameplay, great party game. I enjoyed what I played of Lost Planet 3 but I’m super biased cause some homies worked on it, generally not a big fan of 3rd person shooters but they put a lot of attention into the atmospheric details that I dug. And Resident Evil 6 is like one of the most polished and beautiful games ever…

So I’m switching gears from one hard part of the game (development), to the other part (letting people know!) I’m hoping that I can get the word out!

So some more images from the game…

So this is what the Donut segment is looking like
There’s a progression as the shop slowly burns down and the gameplay donut drop pattern ramps up.

Here’s a segment from the game’s ending.
I hope I’m not showing too much! Hahaha!

Donut Get! Beta
So I’m starting to send out the links to the Donut Get! Beta. If you’re interested in playing it a bit early, go to www.donutget.com and sign up for our newsletter. I’ll be sending the link out soon. If you can give some feedback, that would be greatly appreciated!

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