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Last time I posted, I was wrapping up some of the fight sequence animations…

Then I focused on finishing up a bunch of NPC animation for the characters running around in the game…

The perfectionist in me isn’t satisfied with some of the animation but its GE (Good Enough) so I managed to move on to other things.

The game will be localized in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish. Many thanks to my homies with language skills that were willing to throw down. So far most of the Chinese is complete, Russian is almost halfway.

The localization stuff forced me to finalize a buncha lingering UI tweaks that I never got around to. Sound toggle buttons… high scores… I actually added in a “High Scores” system that pulls in the latest Twitter messages with a #donutget tag. Wondering how that will work.

I’ve been doing a monthly show during the Downtown Los Angeles art walk for a while now, Sokay Play. On May 10th we had the 7th show, I share a gallery space with artists and show my games. Here’s the flyer from last one…

During Downtown LA Art Walk, every 2nd Thursday
And some Facebook photos…

I added a coffee power-up to the game, temporarily increases your speed and jump height. I need to take another pass or 10 at the donut drop patterns since it’s still super temporary. The power-up makes it a lot more fun though, aiming to make it so that there will be a flow to collecting the donuts and coffee powerups, while avoiding falling debris and hazardous NPCs.

Sound is another area I tend to neglect. Thankfully we’ve got a dedicated sound guy. Cryptic Circuitry has made some awesome tunes for the ending, fight scenes and cinemas that I recently got into the game. When integrated, it helped the game a lot!

I finally got in David’s Fighting Game animation in the game! I should’ve really done this a long time ago but I wanted it as finished as possible before I integrated it. I tried to give him a “template” to animate from early on, like over a year ago. But over time he slowly strayed from that, we weren’t meeting up regularly for a while so I wasn’t over his shoulder nitpicking him. But anyway, I had to reorganize things a bit, give things proper frame names and instance names. And also figure out all of the new animations and states he added in the process. The animation is great and he acted as a game designer in the process, now I’m taking passes at making the animation work with the gameplay. Tweaking things to make them fun as possible without reworking it too much.

This stuff is looking sweet!
And with that, the major stuff is now in the game. From here on it’s mostly polishing and tweaking what’s there, and adding in whatever “nice to have” things I can afford into the game. The game is in *BETA* stage now, and I’m testing it with homies to get feedback (that I’ll mostly ignore).


More info on the game at http://www.donutget.com


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