I’ve been seeing a lot of cool 3d Flash stuff here and there, mostly on development blogs or forums. When I tell people that Flash can do 3d stuff, I get an impression which is a mixture of shock and disbelief. After checking out an informative PaperVision 3d video tutorial on gotoandlearn.com, I was less intimidated and ready to jump into it. Been looking for an excuse to brush up on my 3d skillz.

CUBOCC face demo

Anyway, I saw this demo at http://cubo.cc/ today and it kind of shocked me. Apparently it’s a bit viral already, spreading around the net as it should. Some awesome coding, brilliant texturing and a simple design goes a long way, doesn’t it? The future of Google Adsense? Unfortunately, most likely! haha

But wait… that’s not all!

Render’s 3d demo
renderhjs’ 3d texturing demo

A dude that’s always impressing the hell out of me is renderhjs from the Flashkit forums. He’s always doing incredible tech demos and applications and his artwork kicks ass as well. He’s currently working on a 3d engine with a custom 3d format, with UV texturing. Now all he needs to do is an IK animation system. 🙂 Check out his thread for it.

Papervision Great White
Papervision3d 2.0 site

Just in case you’re not familiar with what the open source 3d Flash engine Papervision3d is capable of, check out the official website. It’s a 3d underwater scene rendered realtime in Flash. Expect to see interfaces like this more often as developers embrace this technology even further.

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