The new site.

It seems I’m making one major site update a year, haha. This update has what I wanted to do with the redesign last year but didn’t get around to doing it. The major new content is each game having a subsection with images, a description and links.

Turned out to be trickier than I anticipated. I’ve been wanting to make the whole site XML based but since I don’t plan on updating it frequently I decided to go with a quick & dirty Flash route. I added SWFAddress to handle deeplinking for the site last year, but with subsections it becomes more useful. I also fixed a bug involving the back button not firing an update event (solution: make sure the SWF has an ‘id’ within the embed code). I’m also using a modified version of Lightbox for the pop-up images — I found it here (he’s got broken links and stuff so it’s hard to find).

So check it out at

Sokay Blue
New, check it out!

I just finished the new layout for 2009. It’s all Flash now. I’m using swfAddress for deeplinking into the Flash content. Very nifty. I’m also using my favorite Flash utility tweener for the transitions. I’ve been working on this on and off for the past month. I wanted it to coincide with a widespread release for our latest game, Sammy Samurai.

I’ve also made the previous versions of available. circa 2004 circa 2007

I think it’s funny how close the 2004 one is to the current one.

Now that that is done with, time to work on more games!