Advance Guardian Heroes Box

I was excited when this game was announced. A sequel to one of my favorite games. Treasure LogoAnd Treasure never makes sequels. If you’re not familiar with the work of Treasure, I wrote some impressions on their title Radiant Silvergun a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately this wasn’t the kind of sequel I was expecting. This game retains many of the fundamental qualities that made the first one so great but it’s missing something. Soul. And that’s ironic because the ridiculous storyline in the game revolves around your character being possessed by the souls of the heroes from the first game.

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I was reading the Flashkit Gaming Forum and someone made a post about this game. I was hesitant to try it because I believed it was just going to be a cheap knock-off. What I discovered was a cleverly designed and well executed game. This one is simply fun to pick up and play. I played 23 stages in one sitting.

Portal: Flash screen

Check it out at Game by We Create Stuff.

I’ve been putting some work into a new game in the past few weeks. It’s a game that takes place within the Thugjacker world. You’re not playing as Deebone, as you might expect. Instead you play as a rogue police officer with his mind set on one thing. Donuts. Donuts falling from the sky.

Donut BG

This is a background sketch I drew for the game. I’m vectorizing it now and shall paint it after I’m finished with that. As usual, I’m doing the programming and background design with this game. Ricky’s working on some character designs so he should be passing them my way soon.

As anyone who’s played any of our games before should know, this game’s gonna be a bit different. Good times 🙂

I have a tall stack of puzzle games for the Nintendo DS. I just added another to the stack today when picked up a copy of Gunpey DS, on impulse, during my visit to Fry’s Electronics today. I’ve only heard of this game because of an interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi on Gamasutra. It’s another music-themed puzzle game from Q Entertainment (Lumines and Meteos). It was only $10 so I decided to give it a go.

(here’s a Flash demo of the Gunpey DS)

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(See TraceManager (AS2) Update)

Finally I put some code up here:
“TraceManager Test.fla”

This is an AS file I put together for some big engine work. When your jamming together a lot of code and a big library of functions, it becomes difficult to keep track of what’s working and what’s breaking. For me, constantly turning traces on and off and having to figure out the meaning of traces that I wrote weeks (or even months) ago gets old fast.

Lately, my physics work has me running more functions than you can shake a stick at; functions within functions within functions, nesting like you wouldn’t believe. This leads to the most hideously complex tracing, almost nullifying the reason you trace data to begin with. So I put together this TraceManager to end such problems once and for all:

Time(seconds): Depth: Function:
________________+0____function1 (test1){
________________+1________function2 (test1 1){
________________+2____________function3 (test1 1 2){
________________-2____________} function3—RESULT( test1 1 2 3 )
________________-1________} function2—RESULT( test1 1 2 3 )
________________-0____}function1—RESULT( test1 1 2 3 )

-This trace is from the example fla. It runs like so: function1 takes a string (“test1″) and adds a ” 1″ to it, then passes the result to function2; function2 adds a ” 2″ and passes the result to function3; function3 adds a ” 3″ to the string and returns it. Each function returns its own result to its parent function until all functions are complete.

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My homey Ramiro Roman Jr. just released the second issue of his comic Skincube. Kinda creepy and kinda disturbing, but I find it very interesting with some excellent artwork.

Skincube - Two

Two twin brothers discover a skincube. Afterwards, one of them falls ill.

Check it out at If you like the work, be sure to purchase a copy. Support the grassroots, eh?