I just checked out this impressive port of the Doom engine to Flash. It even loads up the original external .wad map files!

Check it out!

Doom in Flash

It might not be the first Flash port, but it’s definitely the first that resembles the original in speed and resolution. I could totally imagine playing some deathmatch in this thing. Can’t wait till something like that is available.

It’s also worth nothing that this was not created using Flash. It was developed on Linux using open-source/free Flex tools.

This reminds of back in 2001 or so when I saw a demo for a Quake 3 looking engine in Shockwave running incredibly fluidly. I recall it being a Q3 port of some sort because it was created by the same company that ported Q3 to Dreamcast, Raster Productions. I’m assuming it was some kind of port because they removed the demo after a short while, I believe because of legal matters.

Rose&Camellia Screen

This is one of the most awesome games I’ve ever seen. You shouldn’t be surprised that it’s so amazing, its contents consist of ladies slapping the crap out of eachother! Comedy and genius.

Here’s a YouTube video of the gameplay. Watch and be amazed as the drama unfolds.

You’ve got to play Rose&Camellia by Nigoro.

Series: Robot Music I, Robot Music II: Modes, Robot Music III: The Circle of Fifths, Robot Music IV: Scales of the World

(This post features the hip guitar stylings of none other than ME! I’ll play some real life, randomly generated, Robot Music! The link is at the end.)

Close Up DieI’ve wanted to see more procedural music in games for a long time, but the most we see are pretty sorry attempts. I’m not just talking about “shifting volume on pre-recorded riffs” procedural, I mean “the game is writing its own live soundtrack” procedural.

“But Chris, that doesn’t even happen on consoles! We can’t do it in flash, no way!” Sounds difficult or even impossible, but it isn’t. The only problem is it takes an understanding of tricky programming concepts and tricky musical concepts. Without programmers that also study music theory, we just don’t see procedurally written music.

Well, I’d like to help change that. I know a thing or two about music and a thing or two about programming so in this article I’m going to do my best to tip off any programmers interested in putting together a simple music generator. Today’s generator won’t be truly procedural, but it’ll start things off in that direction.

And if you play a little music, but don’t know how to write a song, maybe this article can help you out too.

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Half-Life 2I purchased a new Lenovo desktop about a month ago to replace my poorly aged HP laptop. Yay! Windows Vista. Amazingly pretty isn’t it? In spite of the bugginess and the lagginess, I think the interface is a big improvement over XP. Anyway, I stumbled upon my Half-Life 2 disc in a random CD spindle and decided it’d be a good time to reinstall it cause I haven’t had it installed for a couple years.

It’s good that you don’t need a CD key for the game! Especially since I don’t have the box on hand. That’s all verified through your Steam account. Luckily I remembered mine. Unfortunately, you still require a net connection so it sucks for the fools still living in the 1800s without electricity and running water. It took about an hour 🙁 to get all the updates for HL2 and Counter-Strike: Source. But I’m happy now and that’s all that matters.

Steam is my new best friend.

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Everybody Votes!

This blog has more posts about the Wii on it than anything else, but that’s okay because it deserves the attention.

I was just putting the “Everybody Votes Channel” to use on my Wii and thinking about what a concept of genius it is. Look around for thoughts on the Wii voting channel and you see a lot of complaints about how mundane the questions are. A lot of gamers seemed disappointed when they tried it out and realized the questions were irrelevant to gaming and others seem to expect questions of, I don’t know, more scientific value. However, people seem to enjoy it.

Today I answered the following poll questions (I’ve included my answers, just to let you know I take a stand on the issues):

I wish peole would say this more often: A. Hello B. Thank You

My Answer: Hello.

Which language would you prefer to learn? A. Chinese B. Japanese

My Answer: Japanese

Where can you eat the best food? A. Mom’s house B. Restaurant

My Answer: Restaurant

My friends, these may seem mundane, but this information is of the utmost importance to Nintendo! And I’ll tell you why.

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