Secret Flesh

There’s an article on the Fangoria horror magazine’s site about a comic my homeboy Ramiro Roman Jr. is working on. It’s a project by writer/director Robert Parigi, which he describes as such…

It’s about a decadent high-school girl who finds a bizarre artifact in the exacavation for her new swimming pool. She uses the relic to enhance her sex-and-drug parties, triggering a plague of supernatural mutations.

This is the first info I’ve seen on it and I’m looking forward to feeling uncomfortable again. You can check out some of Ramiro’s solo comics at his site.

My homey Ramiro Roman Jr. just released the second issue of his comic Skincube. Kinda creepy and kinda disturbing, but I find it very interesting with some excellent artwork.

Skincube - Two

Two twin brothers discover a skincube. Afterwards, one of them falls ill.

Check it out at If you like the work, be sure to purchase a copy. Support the grassroots, eh?