[repost from our TigSource DevLog]

Last time I posted, I was wrapping up some of the fight sequence animations…

Then I focused on finishing up a bunch of NPC animation for the characters running around in the game…

The perfectionist in me isn’t satisfied with some of the animation but its GE (Good Enough) so I managed to move on to other things.

The game will be localized in 4 languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish. Many thanks to my homies with language skills that were willing to throw down. So far most of the Chinese is complete, Russian is almost halfway.
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[repost from our TigSource DevLog]

My recent focus was finishing up some fight scene cinematics. Last time I posted, David Rod had sketched out some storyboards to help me out, here’s what that turned out like…

Storyboard by David Rodriguez

I used most of the shots from this and drew them in Illustrator, and animated them in Flash. They turned out looking like this…

Cinema artwork by myself

Now these are animated and in the game. With this major task complete, that means one less major task to think about! We’re getting super close, just a few weeks left till we’ll be wrapping up.

Also, in the last few weeks I implemented a quick ‘n dirty localization system so the game will be able to be in multiple languages.

Next on my to-dos is to finish the NPC animation in the Donut Segment.

Thugjacker at Agame.com
Thugjacker Half at Agame.com

Over the weekend I noticed a sudden surge in traffic and I noticed most of it was coming from Agame.com. Turned out they had just stolen it and added it to their frontpage on Thursday and a lotta people were playing it. It’s nice to know people are still playing it after 5 years! haha. My favorite part is still reading all of the insightful comments like “cool ima pimp nigga“and “DONT STEAL HIS BIKE“. Mostly spam here, but the Newgrounds comments are still gold to me.

Thugjacker’s been our most popular game, by far. A great deal of it has to do with it being our first game, with Ricky and I spending so much time with it. The gameplay has a stickiness that keeps people coming back — I think it’s just fun to mess around and beat guys up. These days, it’s easy to be lost on Flash portals so it’s usually hit or miss if people notice the game or not. Thugjacker usually does well but LUV Tank usually gets lost. LUV Tank only really took off on Addictinggames.com for some reason, but it’s usually the game that the not-so-hardcore gamers tell me they like the most.

Yesterday I was working on the Donut game with David. We had started talking about Thugjacker and I showed him a lot of the stuff we cut out of Thugjacker Half — David wasn’t working with us on Thugjacker. There were cinemas scenes that I didn’t have time to finish and implement. A lot of the real story. It’ll all find it’s way into the game eventually. This Donut game will give another side of the story.