A Downtown Los Angeles WC ad wants to put us out of business! Nature is the largest competitor of the Video Game Industry.

Here are some folks crowding around Skulls of the Shogun. I didn’t get a chance to play it but will probably play it on Xbox 360 soon enough.


Here’s the StarDrone station, swingy game for PSN.

Deepak Fights Robots. I heard this described as “Bubble Bobble meets Bollywood.” Didn’t play but it looked fun. Looked like single room puzzles where you have to find the correct way to defeat or avoid evil robots.

The crew, David Rodriguez and Chris Rock. Minhua’s head in the bottom right corner, haha.

The kissing game. She tried hard to convince us to play and for me to affix metal diodes to my tongue with fixodent to play a cheesy racing game. Cute idea but… PASS!!

Game debate about “Ethics in Games,” apparently hosted by a few unethical greedy game designers, haha. Some interesting stuff came up but it was mostly just pushing agendas and no clear ideas were really communicating. A shame tbat some of these people are representing the industry.

David must be taking notes… nah, just drawing some shiet! haha

The next day, we were chilling and trying to play the game card game that plays like a broken version of Apples to Apples. Not fun but it can spur conversation. In this photo Gus gets harassed by “Talks in Circles” man.

Giving out Indiecade awards.

Time to Peace Out! Gus Amador, myself (Bryson Whiteman), Escape Goat and Soul Caster creator Ian Stocker, and his homie James!

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