Friendly Integration: click here to play

I’m releasing the source code for a Papervision3D game I was putting together. This project was meant to be an interactive visual for a party my friend threw last weekend, Friendly Integration. This game was meant to be projected onto a wall and controlled with a DDR pad for each player. There were also plans to have additional panels that could be stepped on that changed the “theme” of the game.

Below is a sketch of my initial idea for the project. I wanted to play with the idea of 2 people interacting with each other. Being side by side with the pads I wanted to give the players the ability to be friendly, or the opposite. I didn’t get to the point of executing these ideas as I barely had enough time available to get the basic engine running.

Conceptual sketch

This turned out to be more fun than I expected and I look forward to continuing development on it. It’s not a priority right now but I learned a lot about Papervision in the 15 hours it took me to put together. I didn’t get to doing a serious art pass on it which is unfortunate because it’ll look a lot cooler with some polish.

My inspiration for this was Bomberman and Poy Poy for PS1. I lifted the bomb artwork from a Bomberman drawing I did a while ago.

And the important part…

Play it here:

Download source:

Note: This uses the Papervision3d 2.0 Great White code library. There are some fine video tutorials at if you need help getting started with that.

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