Monday morning and I just stumbled upon this game on the Flashkit forum. In this game you cooperate with yourself to finish stages. Very interesting concept and excellent execution.

Cursor*10 by Nekogames

Short, simple, clever and fun. Characteristics of other Nekogames releases I’ve played.

Someone mentioned similarities to Timebot by David Durham.
Timebot by David Durham

I played a few stages and it’s actually really cool. In the game you make replicas of yourself which replay your actions, so you can push buttons to open doors while simultaneously walking through the door. Had me scratching my head by stage 2. You can play it at

Braid by Jonathan Blow.

These game concepts immediately reminded me of Braid by Jonathan Blow. This is a game designed around the concept of time manipulation and features worlds with many different concepts of time. For instance, there’s a world where time moves forward when you walk right, and backward when you walk left. Due for an Xbox Live release early this year.

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