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Wiiflash demo

Relating to an earlier post by Chris – A Day at the Wiicade – where he was exploring the possibilities of Wii & Flash, here is Wiiflash!! Wiiflash is what Chris was waiting for, actually this still won’t be enough for him… but apparently this software not only takes the data from the Wii controller but it passes it along to Flash so you can make things move by tilting and swinging and whatnot. This is possible by connecting Wii remote to a computer through Bluetooth. So no native Wii support still but this is better for sure!

It would be great if Nintendo would acknowledge the possibilities with Flash gaming on Wii, but it seems unlikely because they’d rather have you buy Virtual Console titles. They’re still selling out of hardware so there’s not a big incentive to make things easier for Flash game devs. But in a perfect world…

By the way.

I jacked this – verbatim – from another Flash game development blog, PhysicsDev. Check it out!


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