Meteor Henry is coming along. It’s a slower process than it was the first time through because I’m trying to do everything right, building lots of AS files along the way. Right now I have the elastic effect working the way I like, the variable framerate clock setup and I’m gettin going on one of the more important elements of gameplay: Poles that ropes and chains will wrap around. The real trick is that I’m trying to come up with forms of collision detection that have infinite resolution. Sometimes that’s a snap, sometimes it ain’t.

I won’t be making any updates to Henry for a while though. At least I shouldn’t. . . . In two weeks I’m shooting a 16mm project for school and a few things have gone . . . well, badly. I might not be able to build my set until the night before shooting and I just casted a man I’ve never met into a major role. . . . I must remind myself that everyone makes crappy movies in film school, but I would prefer to be different. The script and plan have a lot of potential, but what will lady chaos give me? No turning back now, so it’s just gonna be one of those films. The kind you have to go on overdrive for. The kind that will be a mystery until you edit it. The kind you ache over because you fear it’ll create more shame than pride. . . . Oh well. I expected as much.

While I’m on no specific topic in particular, I’d like to make a quick update on Doukutsu Monogatari (Cave Story). I still haven’t beaten it, though I’m quite close. The game is not really long or hard, but I can only play in spurts. What I have played is pretty much non-stop wonderful, so if you didn’t get the point when I said it before, get it now: YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME. My friend Ken has spent many hours sitting behind me on the house computer, while I’m on my laptop doin’ some hooha, and played through the game a number of times. Vicariously, I have experienced many of the games endings and branches. It really is one of the most creative, charming and simply fun games ever. No exaggeration. If you’re into design, get ready to take some notes.

Download it. Play it.

-Christopher J. Rock

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