Tarwin of Touchmypixel left a comment informing me of this new trailer for their Scarygirl Flash game. Looks sweet!

This looks like some amazing Flash stuff. I’m wondering how they’re pulling off so much parallax and smooveness. Looking at their blog, it looks like he’s using bitmapData for rendering, using spritesheets and BIT-101’s BigAssCanvas class to work around sprite size limitations.

The trailer definitely increased my expectations. Over 14 levels of goodness. Coming soon to www.scarygirl.com. Just not soon enough!

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Bryson Whiteman (http://www.sonofbryce.com)
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  • Anonymous

    Wow – old post. Anyway, we didn’t use BigAssCanvas for this. We simply had 2048×2048 slices (from memory), and had them in MCs that moved ’em around. I think we tried 256×256 etc but it was slower making smaller ones, as well as moving smaller Bitmaps around the screen.nnThe biggest speedup was making sure that any animations, or background, were all just references of bitmapDatas instead of vectors or anything else. That also let us do things like glows and noise with no performance hit.nnI think the only sprite that wasn’t cached was Scarygirl as she had to do so much, and had so many animations, as well as having to rotate 360, it was best not.