“Indie games are the new form of self expression for the motivated misfit. I’m blown away by little Flash games oozing with style made by kids who aren’t even old enough to drink, wtf? The community of lovable and terrifyingly capable indie developers is steadily making big budgets irrelevant.”

-Kyle Gabler

From a Gamasutra interview on The World of Goo as part of their “Road to the IGF” series.

Gabler and Ron Carmel are coming from 2D boy. After a glance at their main page, I stumbled across Gabler’s Human Brain Cloud; one of a number of interesting experiments Gabler is running. Seemingly useless data . . . I’d like to put it to use.

-Christopher J. Rock

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  • I remember Tower of Goo from the Experimental Gameplay Project a couple years ago. I think it was the top rated game so I tried it first. I was amazed that it actually kept me interested in it for so long. A digital toy. I showed it off to friends cause I thought it was fresh. Haven’t heard about The World of Goo until now.

    I spent about 20 minutes messing around with that Human Brain Cloud. What an amazing application. What if you could draw a picture associated with the word? Or associate a word with a sound. You could have it load images dynamically from Flickr and make image clouds, swarms of data. I wouldn’t mind that as a screensaver or Winamp visualization. Digital fishtank.

    Is there something unique about the spirit of independent Flash games in comparison to other amateur efforts? Shorts shot on camcorders and uploaded on Youtube, animations scribbled in Flash and posted on Newgrounds, or comic artwork posted on DeviantArt. I think kids are making good stuff to kill a few minutes of time but I don’t ever think big budgets will ever be irrelevant. There are some geniuses out there but can all the genius in the world consistently make up for lack of resources? I realize that something simple like Line Rider can accomplish a lot but how often does an idea like that come along? I’m definitely looking forward to the day when I can toss out my Xbox360 and Wii to play Flash games on Newgrounds for all my gaming needs. 🙂

    Is the quote from the “How to Prototype a Game in Under 7 Days” article on Gamasutra?

  • We’ve seen an explosion in filmmaking, even well crafted work. This explosion came at the same time as a technological leap and price drop in video cameras and editing software. That is no coincedence. First it was little consumer MiniDV cameras just bringing the capability, then prosumer MiniDV capturing beautiful images, and now we’re going into HDV and other HD formats that (in the right hands) can even look like 16mm film. Film as an art has become more available and without anyone telling them to do so, the public has embraced it.

    We also take writing for granted assuming that compared to these high-tech arts, this old one doesn’t count. It’s not uncommon for young writers to get published, even if their writing only gets to a small audience. The availability of the pen, paper and language is so great that anyone with an interest can pursue it. It helps that books are cheap, numerous and diverse; it’s relatively easy to become educated in literature and writing.

    I think we’ve seen the same effect in games with Flash, RPG Maker, and Half-Life 1 mods. But the crap ratio is worse and so is the “indie to mainstream” production ratio. The problem is 3 pronged: 1. Resource availability and awareness, 2. The difficulty of using said resources, 3. The technologically primitive nature of indie resources when compared to mainstream gaming technologies. #3 is only an issue because most young developers want to make games like the ones they see on TV, and that’s not possible yet. Will it be possible soon? That would require someone to develop their own high end engine and tools to compete with the latest in gaming and hand it all over to public domain. That’s not too likely.

    Anyone still remember the old Quake mods? The original Team Fortress? Does anyone even remember TF Classic on for Half-Life or the original TF2 promos? Fossils now.