Daymare Town. I found this gem when someone mentioned it on the Flashkit games forum. Straight forward point-and-click adventure game. Excellent presentation, interesting art style, great puzzle design.

Daymare Town 1

I couldn’t finish this without a walkthrough, but I blame it on a couple poorly drawn props. You’re in for a good hour or so of headscratching.

This game reminds me that there’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple sometimes. Props to the designer.

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Bryson Whiteman (
Bryson is the guy behind all of the Sokay creations. Heading artwork and development, he's determined to make sure each game has a "distinctively Sokay" quality to them. He's always looking forward for a chance to experiment with new technologies to explore exciting ways to achieve fun.
  • Really cool style. Etching is a good source. At first I really liked the way it allowed me to scan through an area with the mouse, but shortly afterward I realized there were tons of things that were too well hidden. I found a walkthrough, but I’m also not too interested in just going step by step.

    So I haven’t finished the game. I wish the scanning could work more quickly and perhaps well hidden objects were hidden in a more realistic sense. For example, instead being 1 pixel large, they were covered with something you had to move out of the way. In that case, you would walk into a messy room and realize you have a lot of searching to do, but maybe applying some logic could help figure out a short cut (“if I were a key, where would I be?”).

    But as you said, it’s a good simple game. Reminds you that there’s still something to the old point and click style games that we used to see so much for PCs in the 90’s. The art and tone give it a unique and mature feeling, that separates it from say, the Liesuresuit Larry games.