So I took a look at because of a few referrals they sent back here (they grabbed our LUV Tank game) and noticed this pleasant surprise on their front page…

Yin Yang screen 1

At first I was attracted to the awesome art style. All pretty pixel work. The description said something about it being a platformer with a Yin Yang twist so I wanted to see if it went beyond a gimmick. I was impressed before I even finished the first stage.

In this game you switch between controlling a white and black character. The goal is to get both to the finish flag. The catch is that the white character can only move in the black background and vice versa. So to reach goals you have to switch back and forth while manipulating the environment and avoiding enemies. They even take it a step farther by allowing the gravity to be flipped in each characters “world”. Only played the first 4 stages so far and I can already tell it’s brilliant work.

I’ve come across Nitrome’s work often, maybe a member of the team frequents the Flashkit games forum or maybe hanging out at Pixel art forums. It’s interesting to see that they have games sponsored by MTV Arcade, which I never knew existed.

Check them out at Independent Flash game studio with some awesome work.

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Bryson Whiteman (
Bryson is the guy behind all of the Sokay creations. Heading artwork and development, he's determined to make sure each game has a "distinctively Sokay" quality to them. He's always looking forward for a chance to experiment with new technologies to explore exciting ways to achieve fun.
  • ft

    um.. i can’t pass the first level what am i doing wrong?

  • As the white player walk up to the white crate and press CTRL to grab it. You can push and pull it while you have it grabbed. Pull it back to the left so that you connect the gap between the top and the bottom white areas (where the two yin/yang symbols are). Now press SPACEBAR to switch to the black character. He can now drop through the white area where you placed the white crate. Now repeat the same thing with the black crate where you fall.

    You should be able to figure it out after that! Good luck, it’s a very fun game. Get’s your brain churnin.

  • clozabel

    i’ve got to level 13 and im stuck on how to get the white one to the goal. i can see it, its just upside down and so far, all of my ideas have been useless!
    thanks x

  • clozabel

    ooh that was meant to be asking for help!
    any ideas on 13 anyone?

  • Kris

    Pretty good game, but it’s not an original idea – seems to be taken from Squidi’s game ideas page:

    (not sure if that’s mentioned anywhere on the site)

  • anon

    1. With white guy (Yang) travel down to the moving black box. Jump in it, and wait. You will automatically fall to the bottom of the level. Then, go right and flip gravity arrow thing. Go right, fall in the black bit with yin yang symbol. Then switch to Yin (black guy).
    2. With Yin, jump on the slug if you haven’t already (he will lose you a life if you leave it too late). Then use the white box as a sort of moving tunnel. (In level 4 you used this skill) Flip gravity arrow thing on other side. After you have fallen, go left. Fall down and flip gravity arrow thing. Push black crate under Yang (white). This will make him fall down to flag. Crush any slugs if necessary. Put Black (Yin) on the flag- that is him finished :).
    3. With Yang (white) go right to flag. Yay.